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Not So Different, Gender Differences

VOCA's Life@work series

Every year VOCA asks “How is work going?” We do this to keep our content and programs fresh.  We do this annually to avoid the catastrophe described in this ancient wisdom saying: 

“If one gives an answer before he hears, it is his folly and shame.” Proverbs 18:13

In this installment, we explore gender and how it impacts the lived experience of people at work.  We looked at men's and women’s experiences at work, where they find joy and struggle, to get a more complete picture of how gender plays a role in life@work. 

Key Finding: There is little difference between how men and women experience work. 

For the most part, gender does not impact how people work. It ranks lower than race, industry, and generation in terms of daily influence. For example, particular Industries and organizational roles have unique cultures that directly impact the experienced day-to-day reality more powerfully than gender.. 

The differences that do exist between men's and women’s experiences hinge on their struggles. Women express more frustration over not being seen and supported at work. They also tend to struggle more with coworkers and other work relationships when compared to men. 

Men however express more frustration over being blocked and micromanaged or a loss of control in their workplace. While fewer men reported having issues with coworkers or supervisors, they were more likely to feel overwhelmed by interpersonal relationships at work than women. 

Regardless of gender, people at work want to feel productive, valued, and appreciated for their contributions. 

Want More?

This is just one of 100s of insights from our annual study of life at work.  If you’re trying to navigate the dynamics of a changing workplace, lead others well, and understand your colleagues, our full report will provide you with the data you need to be wise at work.  

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