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Every day, 160 million people go to work in the United States and the majority of them claim the name "Christian,” yet only 28% of Christians report living their faith in the context of their work. With this separation of spirituality and work life, the majority of Christians report feelings of disillusionment and burnout and believe unhelpful career myths at rates similar to their non-Christian counterparts. In short, our work is not seen within the larger Biblical story.

This is why VOCA exists. 

VOCA is short for “Vocation.” After seeing the need for Christians to experience more at work, we knew that equipping them to meet and follow God in their work has outsized impact potential not just for individuals, but for their colleagues, workplaces, and culture. 

We are a donor-funded ministry that brings God's wisdom to people's work through teaching, coaching, and leadership development. Based in New York City, we serve thousands of Christians everywhere each year.



VOCA’s mission is to bring God’s wisdom to the dilemmas people face at work. Since the workplace is a strategic place for ministry, VOCA delivers teaching, coaching, and leadership development so Christians can approach their workplace with clarity and confidence.


VOCA’s vision is to see Kingdom transformation of Christian workers, their workplaces, and the wider world through the application of Godly wisdom to the dilemmas believers face at work.

Meet the Coaches


Certified Professional Coaches


Dr. Chip Roper

Dr. Chip is the Founder and President of the VOCA Center.  Chip is poised to take you and your team to new depths of clarity and effectiveness as he draws on 30+ years of leadership experience along with comprehensive training in coaching, counseling, leadership, and theology.  Corporate executives, ministry leaders, and pastors find in Chip a trusted member of their team.

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Chip's client roster is currently full. Click below to inquire about future availability.

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Sarah Evers

Sarah is a Principal Consultant at VOCA and a certified professional coach with thousands of hours of experience helping leaders make great decisions and be their best. Sarah is ready to take your leadership to the next level. Sarah has spent decades developing global leaders for CRU, Athletes in Action, and churches in New York City. 

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Ken Kinard

Ken is a Principal Consultant at VOCA and a certified professional coach with thousands of hours of experience helping leaders get unstuck by engaging their full capacities to solve old problems and seize new opportunities. Ken has used his creative and coaching skills to enhance ministry impact as well as drive business success.

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Andrea Tropeano

Andrea is a Certified Professional Coach at VOCA with thousands of hours of experience helping leaders to navigate challenges, develop professionally, and make difficult decisions. Andrea is dedicated to helping ministry leaders and their organizations thrive, and has special training in working with clients with ADHD. 

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Not sure which coach to choose?

Contact our Coach Concierge who will help you narrow it down based on your goals.

Organizational Staff


Shauna Cousino
Director of Communications & Operations

Shauna has a rich range of experience in marketing and operations in the world of faith and work. She has a B.A. and M.A. in Communications with a focus on Organizational, Interpersonal, and Rhetorical Communications. Shauna is energized by helping people see their work with a fresh perspective that transforms their life and advances God’s Kingdom.  

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Partners (About Us)

Since the near beginning, VOCA has been collaborating with other faith and work partners across the country. So when you invest in VOCA, you invest in a whole movement.


We serve our collective movement in three important ways:

Research partner, content contributor, and solutions provider.


Our partners include:

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Schedule your complimentary consult.

Your journey to better work begins with a consultation.

VOCA for Teams

​Looking for proven and experienced coaching, training, and counsel for your team or organization? Leverage VOCA's organizational experience to steward your resources well by investing in your team and seeing your mission come to life. Visit our site specifically for churches, ministries, and non-profit organizations.

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