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Meet Brandon

Coaching with Brandon

Industry expertise:

  • Finance

  • Government

  • Law

  • Non-Profit

  • Media

  • Religious/Church/Ministry

Works most often with:

  • Career Direction

  • Job Search

  • Leadership Development

  • Rising Executive (Increasing span and responsibility)

  • Executive Decision making

  • “Too big to fail” – High Performer, Low EQi 

  • Team development

  • Leadership Obstacles and Barriers

Brandon Addison Headshot.png

Brandon's Bio


Brandon has worked on the human side of executive and organizational leadership for decades, including working with New York Times bestselling authors, consulting with top-tier government officials, coaching Fortune 500 organizations, and leading various clients through transformative change.


As a seasoned observer of individual, team, and organizational behavior, he guides groups and individuals to breakthroughs in their growth with apt insight and interdisciplinary expertise. Brandon equips high-capacity leaders and teams to succeed by integrating their lives and recovering their hearts. Clients who have worked with Brandon have called him catalytic and generative, a keen listener, and offers a profound transformative presence.

As a startup entrepreneur, executive leader, and advisor, he brings his professional experience, powerful intuition, and training in psychology, coaching, and organizational change. Brandon has completed advanced studies on the intersection of neuroscience and transformative change and is a proud member of the International Coach Federation. In his previous life, Brandon was a marathon runner and professional whitewater river guide. He resides with his wife and two children outside of colorful Denver, CO, and enjoys scheming new adventures with them.

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