You only get one chance to make a first impression, so there is a lot riding on your first 90 days at the new job. Most company onboarding processes focus on logistics, not organizational dynamics or your success, making the experience even more intimidating. As a result, many people lack clarity and fail to make a high impact early on.


Take control of your own onboarding success with a confidential, customized coaching program. VOCA’s Ascend program will give you confidence in your new role and equip you to make an immediate impact that sets you up for long-term success. 

Your long-term success in a new job is far more dependent than you think on how you begin. VOCA’s customized Ascend coaching program will help you crush your first 90 days on your new job by:

Clarifying your role, sorting through confusion, and identifying your most important initial goals and contributions

Establishing healthy dynamics and communication between you and your new supervisor and team members

Setting you up to skillfully navigate the politics and people problems in your new workplace 


Meet Our Coaches


Dr. Chip Roper

Dr. Chip is the Founder and President of the VOCA Center.  Chip is poised to take you and your team to new depths of clarity and effectiveness as he draws on 30+ years of leadership experience along with comprehensive training in coaching, counseling, leadership, and theology.  Corporate executives, ministry leaders, and pastors find in Chip a trusted member of their team.

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Sarah Evers

Sarah is a Principal Consultant at VOCA and a certified professional coach with thousands of hours of experience helping leaders make great decisions and be their best. Sarah is ready to take your leadership to the next level. Sarah has spent decades developing global leaders for CRU, Athletes in Action, and Churches in New York City. 

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Ken Kinard

Ken is a Principal Consultant at VOCA and a certified professional coach with thousands of hours of experience helping leaders get unstuck by engaging their full capacities to solve old problems and seize new opportunities. Ken has used his creative and coaching skills to enhance ministry impact as well as drive business success

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