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You want to discover God’s next step for your career. Whether you’re actively looking for a job, planning a job change, or wondering if you are maximizing your impact and gifts where you are, we have a process that works. Save yourself countless hours of time and frustration with the Career Navigator, VOCA’s premier career discernment training program led by expert coaches that care.


The Discernment Factor

The Time Factor

The Loneliness Factor

You want to honor God in your career, but worry that you aren’t maximizing your impact in your current role. Or, you know you’ve outgrown your position and are ready for a change. Maybe you need a job—fast. How do you discover the work that best fits your gifts? 

LinkedIn. Networking. Online applications. Recruiters. How do you make a job search work for you without wearing you down? VOCA’s Career Navigator helps you stay organized and purposeful, avoiding unnecessary detours and distractions that lengthen your search. 

We know we live best in community with others, and career planning shouldn’t be any different. VOCA’s Career Navigator is the antidote to isolation, providing you with a trusted guide to walk with you through the journey.

Career Navigator is your ticket to identifying and landing work that’s right for you.

Over 10 sessions, you’ll move from awareness to action as you execute your job search with the help of a coach. 

Learn more with a FREE consultation.

The Career Navigator is for you if you fit into any of the following:


You are actively needing and searching for a job

You are ready to leave your current job or make a career change

You are wondering if you should make a job or career change


Increased Career Clarity

VOCA’s Career Navigator won’t just give you greater confidence in what you already know, but offer clarity on your gifts and how you can best maximize them in your work. The Career Navigator uses industry-leading objective assessments to give you a clear picture of your top talents and how they translate into marketable skills. Not sure what role you’re looking for, or if you’re ready to leave your current position? This program helps you decide.


In an increasingly competitive job market, how can you stand out from the crowd?

As a job seeker, you’re selling yourself as a solution to an employer’s problems. The Career Navigator will equip you with research-backed strategies to make a great first impression with your resume, LinkedIn, and in your interviews.

A Plan
that Works

Our Career Navigator program is built on decades of job search training and current market research and is led by VOCA’s certified coaches.

From our years of experience, we’ve seen how going into a job search without a plan creates anxiety and keeps people on the hamster wheel of searching. Avoid getting lost in the process by following a proven plan that has worked for hundreds of job seekers just like you. 


Schedule your free coaching consultation today and

move toward clarity for your career path.


"The Career Navigator is practical and theological. It provided wisdom you can’t get from reading articles on LinkedIn or Google. Career Navigator grounded me so I could find a better job with a higher salary."

–Harrison G.

"I know that they say there is no perfect job, but this new role is almost everything that I was hoping for in a new job, and potentially career! Thank you again for the coaching and for the work you do at VOCA."

–Matthew D.


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