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You are an Executive in Transition...

As a leader in search of your next assignment, you may feel frustrated, lost, and hopeless. You wrestle with questions like: 

“How do I steward my experience and expertise?”  
“What is God’s will for my work life?”  
“How do I continue to provide for those who depend on me?” 


You don’t have to wrestle with dilemmas like these on your own. VOCA’s Executive Navigator is your roadmap to your ideal next role. 


provides you with an expert partner to identify your ideal next and then work a proven process to land it. With hundreds of coaching hours under our belt, VOCA Executive Coaches bring wisdom, spiritual groundedness, and expertise necessary to give you the deep clarity you need in a time of transition. The Executive Navigator process delivers you three critical components: 

Objective leadership assessments to identify your specific gifts and what roles/organization will be the best fit, deepening your clarity

An action plan that includes discernment and searching, keeping you focused and organized

An experienced coach to provide you with job transition expertise, shortening your time in transition

Through our proven process, our Executive Navigator clients spend less time on their search, find a job that is a better and more fulfilling fit, and nail down better compensation packages.

Schedule a free consultation to see which package best suits your path forward.

Schedule your complimentary consult.

Your journey to better work begins with a consultation.

VOCA for Teams

​Looking for proven and experienced coaching, training, and counsel for your team or organization? Leverage VOCA's organizational experience to steward your resources well by investing in your team and seeing your mission come to life. Visit our site specifically for churches, ministries, and non-profit organizations.

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