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Leadership is a gift and a burden. It grants you meaningful influence in an organization, but it comes with a cost. Let our certified VOCA coaches help you carry the weight of leadership well and maximize your full potential through one of our different Leadership Development offerings, each customized to your specific needs and ruthlessly focused on research-backed solutions to your greatest dilemmas.

Business Meeting

You’re an executive that’s tasked with moving your organization forward through constant disruptions and into an unknown future. You need a trusted partner that understands your unique challenges and can offer the space you need to process through them. VOCA’s customized, confidential Executive Coaching helps you carry the weight of leadership well and increase your impact with an experienced, certified coach who cares. 

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You’re an executive in search of your next position, but aren’t sure of the best fit or how to skillfully navigate your transition. VOCA’s Executive Navigator pairs you with an Executive Coach to identify your ideal next and follow a proven process to land it. In the end, you’ll spend less time on your search, find a role that fits you, and nail down a better compensation package.

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You’re a leader who carries the weight of decision-making on your shoulders. You know well how lonely it can be at the top. Find community and wise counsel with VOCA’s Executive Circle, and connect with a small group of other executives that want to drive superior business outcomes and honor their faith at the same time.


Now more than ever, teams that aren’t resilient don’t survive. VOCA’s Resilient Leadership workshop, based on our Three-Pillar framework, combines a proven market model and Biblical wisdom that equips leaders and teams with the tools necessary to win in the face of constant disruption. Schedule a consultation to learn how you can bring VOCA’s Resilient Leadership Workshop to your team today.

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VOCA for Teams

​Looking for proven and experienced coaching, training, and counsel for your team or organization? Leverage VOCA's organizational experience to steward your resources well by investing in your team and seeing your mission come to life. Visit our site specifically for churches, ministries, and non-profit organizations.

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