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Burnout Recovery Coaching Program

Are you burned out? Are you stuck in a mode where you can’t get your motivation back at work? I’ve been there. And when you’re there, it’s hard to imagine what recovery looks like. It is even hard to think clearly.

I used to assume that burnout requires rest, recovery, and a fresh start. While those can be part of getting our feet back under us, the real goal is to get the fire going again.

Think of all the reasons a fire can burn out:

  1. Lack of fuel–all the wood is consumed

  2. Lack of oxygen–a lack of fresh air or draft starves a fire

  3. The presence of water (or other exterminating substance)–fires can be put out by an extinguisher or a deluge of water

Through VOCA’s new burnout recovery program, you will discover why your fire has gone out. Your coach will help you understand how to identify the forces killing your burn. Then you’ll learn how to restart your fire, so you can be productive and satisfied in the work God is calling you to do.


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