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VOCA offers data-driven, holistic solutions through certified, Christian coaching to help executives level up their leadership and teams reach their potential.


Leverage VOCA's organizational expertise so you can invest in your team and see your mission come to life. You have complex, professional problems. We have biblically sound, professional solutions. 

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All of us need a trusted confidant and source of wisdom outside the ecosystem of our organizations. Utilizing highly experienced, certified coaches who share your faith, VOCA's Executive Coaching brings you clarity and confidence as you move forward in your leadership role.

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VOCA's strategic advisory consulting empowers you to build and execute a plan that brings momentum-building focus to your ministry. VOCA leverages professional depth and faith-based principles to connect organizational growth with your spiritual roots.


Your people are your greatest asset, deepest joy, largest expense, and most draining challenge. At VOCA, we see your relationship with talent as a lifecycle, bringing strategic checkpoints of investment for building stable, high-performing teams. We help you enhance performance, retain talent, and steward your resources well.

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You’re an executive in search of your next position, but aren’t sure of the best fit or how to skillfully navigate your transition. VOCA’s Executive Navigator pairs you with an Executive Coach to identify your ideal next and follow a proven process to land it. In the end, you’ll spend less time on your search, find a role that fits you, and nail down a better compensation package.

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