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What do you do when work hurts?

When you’re physically sick, you go to a doctor.

When you’re emotionally unwell, you go to wise counsel—maybe a therapist or minister.

When you are burned out, questioning your calling, or want to level up your leadership, come to VOCA.

At the VOCA Center, we enable people like you to address their work dilemmas with professional solutions that deliver clarity and a plan so you can confidently do what you were made to do with excellence and joy. 

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How do we
do this?

Through our team of professionally trained, certified, and faith-driven coaches, VOCA delivers you with counsel that is professionally sound and biblically wise. By engaging with VOCA, you will find clarity and God's wisdom for your challenging work dilemmas.

You just have to do one thing.

Schedule your complimentary consult and get started today.

Meet Our Coaches

All of our coaches are certified with ICF or a comparable program, with thousands of hours of experience. 

Our coaches are Christians, committed to helping you flourish both professionally and spiritually.

Not sure which coach to choose?
We have a coaching program suited to meet your specific needs and customized to fit your goals. To get started today, schedule your free, no-commitment consultation by contacting the Coach Concierge today.

VOCA for Teams

​Looking for proven and experienced coaching, training, and counsel for your team or organization? Leverage VOCA's organizational experience to steward your resources well by investing in your team and seeing your mission come to life. Visit our site specifically for churches, ministries, and non-profit organizations.

Schedule your complimentary consult.

Your journey to better work begins with a consultation.

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